Irrigation Installation/Maintenance and Landscape Lighting

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Irrigation Specialists do more than simply fix broken valves, install lights, and run watering systems. By setting your lawn up with an automatic system, they allow you spend less time watering your grass, and more time enjoying life.


Boston Irrigation employs only the most well versed, and well rounded, irrigation specialists. You will absolutely love the work we do for you. At Boston Irrigation, we treat what we do as a form of high art: it's beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive.

We design the system to your lawn and garden's custom needs. Paying close attention to prevent over or under watering.

Whether it is just for a one time visit to fix a broken head,  or you need full year system maintenance, we are here to help your irrigation system run smoothly.

Every spring, we analyze your systems needs and prepare it for the upcoming season.

As winter approaches, we winterize your system to prevent damage.

Is your lawn thirsty? let us help.

More Than just Irrigation

Landscape Lighting



Spring is here! We are scheduling spring start-ups, call or email Today!

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Landscape Lighting enhances the ambiance of your garden, pool, patio, driveway, walkway, and outdoor fireplace.

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Boston Irrigation of Framingham has a solution for all your sprinkler systems' needs.


Spring Start Up/ Winterization