In the spring, as the snow melts, we will come and check inch by inch the main line to see if there are any leaks. Then we check each zone, insuring that every head made it through the winter undamaged. Next, we reprogram the irrigation controller for the setting best suited to your garden and lawn. In the instance that there are any leaks or damaged heads, we will give you a full report of what needs to be repaired before we perform the work.

Irrigation Installation/Maintenance and Landscape Lighting

As summer brings the warmer weather we suggest that you reprogram your controller to water more frequently, in the coolest parts of the day. We also recommend that we check your system for any damage that may have occurred since the springtime.

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Boston Irrigation

At the end of the fall we help prepare your system for the upcoming winter. We will blow out the entire irrigation system, ensuring that there is no water left in it, that may freeze when the temperature drops. We take careful notes of any damage, and will give you a list of repairs that will be needed in the future.

Year Round Services: