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Is your lawn thirsty? let us help.

Irrigation Installation/Maintenance and Landscape Lighting

"Giving you more time to enjoy your life, and less time spent watering your plants" -Fabio de Oliveira, Owner

We offer a full range of services regarding your lawn, and garden. If you do not see what you are looking for listed, please give us a call, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Irrigation System Installation - We will help you design  an automatic irrigation system that is customized to the needs of your property. We carefully design it, so that your yard gets watered evenly, avoiding over watering, or dry spots. We install new systems, using Hunter products, which contain pressure regulated heads with a check valve. These heads save water, with 30% increased efficiency over other spray nozzles.  We can also renovate older irrigation systems, and replace them with a higher efficiency water system. If you choose not to renovate your older system, we can continue to maintain and service it, no problem.  

Rain Sensors -  Recommended to help you save water on rainy days. Let mother nature take care of the watering once in awhile - and save money on your water bill, at the same time!

Gardens & Beds - We utilize underground drip watering systems. Depending on the plant, like roses for example, an under ground system would be ideal, because it keeps the soil moist, prevents disease, avoids evaporation, and keeps the rose branches from bending under the weight of the wet flowers. 

Window Boxes - You can set up automatic irrigation systems to water all your window boxes, flower pots, or even roof gardens.