Path Lights we installed Summer 2015 in Northborough, MA for a customer.

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                                                          - Explaining how different lighting techniques can drastically change your                                                                garden.


                                                          - The benefits of upgrading your old outdoor lighting systems to low                                                                       voltage lighting.

                                                          - Different ways to light your driveway, patios, and walkways.

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Our Lighting Designers have been trained by CAST Lighting, and are fully knowledgeable in the CAST Method of Installation.

Using moonlight as our inspiration, we design the lighting for your property to look as natural as possible. We can install new lighting fixtures, maintain, or convert older lighting systems.  We utilize CAST Lighting Fixtures, which come with a lifetime factory warranty, and are made of solid copper or bronze. This type of metal is a beautiful, natural option, that is more resistant to corrosion, does not chip or peel, and overtime develops a nice patina. Inside of the fixtures, we use LED's to provide subtle, low voltage, and low cost lighting. Using LED's will significantly reduce your electricity bill, in regards to your landscape lighting, when compared to 120 volt bulbs - and they also come with a 5 year factory warranty. 

We can add lighting to your driveway, walkway paths, trees, gardens & beds, ponds, pools, patios, and even oceanfront property. 

Call us today to set up an appointment to have our lighting designer come and discuss adding low voltage landscape lighting to your property today.

"Garden beds are more than plants and flowers, they are sources of pride and joy for the homeowner. With this in mind, the lighting designer seeks to give them an illumination that allows their beauty to glow in the nighttime experience." 

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